Hylomate Sheet is a 20x10 cm membrane manufactured from surface micro-engineered biosynthesized cellulose.

It is intended to stabilizes the surgical pocket while providing a physical barrier between the implant and the surrounding host tissues.

Numerous device categories could potentially benefit from Hylomate, where it is desirable to separate an implantable device from the surrounding tissue.

Clinically Tested

Hylomate is undergoing clinical trial investigation in combination with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices.


Hylomate provides an interface between implant and the surrounding tissues.

Flexible Use

Hylomate Sheet can be adapted to different devices and shapes.

Target Tissues

Hylomate is indicated for implants that are surgically inserted in subcutaneous or submuscular tissues. 


Hylomate can be secured to the surrounding tissue with commonly used suturing materials.

Easy to Tse

Hylomate is made of soft and conformable biosynthesized cellulose and is extremely easy to use.

A Flexible Solution for Multiple Clinical Applications

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