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Hylomate Sheet is currently under development for general surgical applications where it is desirable to separate a soft tissue implantable device from the surrounding tissue to reduce complications associated with fibrotic tissue encapsulation.


Numerous device categories could benefit from the Hylomate devices. 

Excellent biocompatibility

Hylomate Sheet generates an ideal interface with the surrounding tissues, hiding completely the foreign materials of the IPG from recognition by the human body.

Flexible Use

Hylomate Sheet can be easily adapted to different devices and shapes, offering extreme flexibility of use with devices implanted in subcutaneous and submuscular spaces.

Suture Retention

Hylomate Sheet can be easily fit around different devices or secured to the surrounding tissue with commonly used non-resorbable suturing materials.

Easy to Implant

Hylomate Pouch is an extremely soft and supple device providing surgeons with an ideal material to insert into the surgical pocket.

Facilitate revision surgery

Hylomate Sheet may facilitate revision surgery as it can be removed effortlessly and without generating further tissue injury.

A Flexible Pocket Health Platform for Multiple Clinical Applications

Hylomate Sheet is currently under development for the European market and is currently not available for sale in the US or EU.