Transforming the biocompatibility of tissue implants

Tens of millions of people live today with one or more surgical implant. Every time a patient receives a surgical implant, the immune system initiates a foreign body reaction. The implant becomes covered by a thick layer of fibrotic tissue, which hardens and contracts over time in an attempt of isolating, killing and expelling the foreign body.

Hylomorph has developed a unique technology providing an optimal biocompatible barrier between soft tissues and implantable medical devices, reducing fibrotic tissue build up and associated clinical complications.



The  CellSense  technology  combines material science, bio- and micro-engineering  designed  to  interfere  with  the  complex  biological response involved in the foreign body reaction and subsequent formation of fibrotic tissue around the implantable medical device. 




Hylomate is a product platform developed to resolve a number of clinical unmet needs. Hylomorph's lead development program aims to prevent implantable pulse generator revision surgery complications linked to surgical pocket fibrosis.

Hylomorph offers medical device implant manufacturers a state-of-the-art surface science to be integrated into new or existing products in order to enhance their long term safety and performance. 

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