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Pioneering Innovation in Preventive Medicine

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Simone Bottan, CEO & co-founder
Simone Bottan

CEO & co-founder

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Aldo Ferrari, CSO & co-founder
Aldo Ferrari

CSO & co-founder

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Francesco Robotti, COO & co-founder
Francesco Robotti

COO & co-founder

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Sonia Schmocker, CRQO
Sónia Schmocker


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Georgios Stefopoulos, Head of Product Development
Georgios Stefopoulos

Head of Product Development

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Gianluigi Berini, Investors Director
Gianluigi Berini

Investors Director

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Peter Gabriel, Investors Director
Peter Gabriel

Investors Director

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Giovanni Leo, Investors Director
Giovanni Leo

Investors Director

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Avi Fischer, Independent Director
Avi Fischer

Independent Director

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Aldo Ferrari, Founder Director
Aldo Ferrari

Founder Director

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Simone Bottan, Founder Director
Simone Bottan

Founder Director

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Clinical Advisors

Dr Robert Schaller, Penn Medicine, Phyladelphia
Dr Robert Schaller

Penn Medicine, Philadelphia

Dr Mauro Biffi, Sant'Orsola Hospital Italy
Dr Mauro Biffi

Sant'Orsola Hospital Italy

Dr Christoph Starck, German Heart Center Charité
Dr Christoph Starck

German Heart Center Charité

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